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2017-03-19 05:01:06 by NoperDoperTrooper


New tabby!

2014-07-26 07:20:49 by NoperDoperTrooper

Not this:




Waaay easier to draw now, my life is changed.

Also, Eva Punch 2 is still on. Yes, it's been 4 years. Drawing frames is hard.. but it's coming along.

Sneak peek (It's not an Eva):


Cheers, folks.

I gots me a jawb!

2013-04-09 02:31:03 by NoperDoperTrooper

I get money now, so I am free to do whatever I wish! WHATEVER I WISH!!!!

School is getting intense because my major is requires a lot of hard classes. Don't think I can devote much time to animating. So until next time...

Eva Punch 2

2010-05-04 06:32:33 by NoperDoperTrooper

A collection of short animations revolving around Neon Genesis Evangelion. It's currently a work in progress, but I figured I'd post about it. Sequel to Eva Punch.

Eva Punch 2

Fun with filters

2010-03-02 07:07:04 by NoperDoperTrooper

They make life better.

Fun with filters's a hobby. It's a fun one, but I still have school to deal with.
Spin Spin Spin is, as of now, on hold. It's not indefinite, though, and I plan to get back to it. The reason I have decided this is that I've been working on an animation for my Japanese language class, and it made me realize how inefficiently I had been working up until now. Having a deadline to meet really put me on the spot. I have also slowly been grasping my style and technique, so I haven't been wasting my time with this delay. Once I think I'm ready and have the time, I'll definitely be returning to this project, and it will be better than ever.

New Solo Project

2008-08-04 04:50:36 by NoperDoperTrooper

After some collab work and Eva Punch for practice, I've decided to start a solo project I'm calling "Spin Spin Spin" for now. Basically its gonna be an awesome mecha battle. Who doesn't like those, hahaha. Anyway, this thing is gonna be animated to a song from the Gurren Lagann Soundtrack titled "Mawatte Mawatte Mawatte Mawaa!?" which means spin spin spin... hence the title of my movie. Crazy hard getting the city ambiance just right, and I'm gonna be putting my patience and skills to the test with this one. Here's a screenshot for now. I'm going for maximum quality here, so don't expect this to come out anytime soon :P

New Solo Project


2008-07-07 12:13:34 by NoperDoperTrooper

Is. Really. Tiring.
I don't know how the pros do it, but this animating business is tiring me out.