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New Solo Project

2008-08-04 04:50:36 by NoperDoperTrooper

After some collab work and Eva Punch for practice, I've decided to start a solo project I'm calling "Spin Spin Spin" for now. Basically its gonna be an awesome mecha battle. Who doesn't like those, hahaha. Anyway, this thing is gonna be animated to a song from the Gurren Lagann Soundtrack titled "Mawatte Mawatte Mawatte Mawaa!?" which means spin spin spin... hence the title of my movie. Crazy hard getting the city ambiance just right, and I'm gonna be putting my patience and skills to the test with this one. Here's a screenshot for now. I'm going for maximum quality here, so don't expect this to come out anytime soon :P

New Solo Project


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2008-08-04 13:53:19

In the short time you've been here, you've really impressed me. I hope you keep at it for years to come 'cuz I'm looking forward to watching your progress!

Your project looks awesome! Good luck with i t... not that you'll need it! ;P

NoperDoperTrooper responds:

I've impressed you? I saw your stuff, and I think you're a lot more experienced in art than I am... so I'm flattered, haha. I'm kinda learning as I go right now, but thanks for commenting :)


2008-08-07 13:58:14

Go for it!! :D


2008-08-15 20:13:55

teach me plx :3

very cool background :D

looking forward to see ur future work


2008-09-18 15:27:36

Holy shit! Looks epic!


2008-10-05 23:58:36

Hey man, I like your work and I especially liked your part for the Prayer - Disturbed collab. Would you like to make another part... the more parts you take, the more chance there is of being co-authored...


2008-10-28 17:46:58

This looks awesome. Definatly something worth watching ^_^


2008-11-13 19:42:41

You're really talented dude. :)