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As far as animations goes...

2009-02-18 22:57:33 by NoperDoperTrooper's a hobby. It's a fun one, but I still have school to deal with.
Spin Spin Spin is, as of now, on hold. It's not indefinite, though, and I plan to get back to it. The reason I have decided this is that I've been working on an animation for my Japanese language class, and it made me realize how inefficiently I had been working up until now. Having a deadline to meet really put me on the spot. I have also slowly been grasping my style and technique, so I haven't been wasting my time with this delay. Once I think I'm ready and have the time, I'll definitely be returning to this project, and it will be better than ever.


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2009-06-10 14:13:46

I wish you the best of luck sir


2009-08-18 18:29:07

I've seen your Flash and it looks awesome
im pretty sure that you could be in the categories of

Movie of the week
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no doubt